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Our population

Women and children are the fastest growing homeless population:

  • 80,000 people are homeless each night in Los Angeles County; 8,000 of which are pregnant women
  • Families comprise 41% of the homeless population in Los Angeles; women and children are the fastest growing population of homeless people (15% in 1992, 34.1% in 1998, 40.5% in 2001).
  • 30% to 50% of the homeless population are woman and girls.
  • 63% of homeless mothers have been violently abused by an intimate male partner.

*Statistics published by the Institute for the study of Homelessness and Poverty at the Weingart Center.

Harvest Home receives over 500 calls per year from women seeking shelter and yet only 69 maternity beds are available to serve this unique population. Only 8 of those 69 beds are located in the city of LA, and they are available right here at Harvest Home. We can accommodate 8 women at a time – between 20 and 24 women each year. It is the only maternity home on the Westside serving the Greater Los Angeles area.


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