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Give Time

14102938_10154439499216489_7852517934671787999_o“I give back because it’s so worthwhile. It’s an opportunity to honor women who are making courageous choices.”

Katie Piuze, Harvest Home Liaison  |  Vintage ChurchSanta Monica

  – – Coordinates volunteers for Annual Alumnae Reunion – –




step 1: complete an INDIVIDUAL or GROUP application

step 2: attend a volunTOUR event

step 3: attend a volunTRAIN event

step 4: begin to VOLUNTEER! (we’ll plug you in based on our need and your availability)



Harvest Home is made possible by partnerships with local residents, groups, clubs, organizations, churches, and businesses. Because each entity is different, each partnership looks a little different, but in general partnership can include any of the following components:


  • Teachers: Teach courses within any of our 5 core program areas
  • Substitute House Manager: Cover the house manager shift 6-10pm when they need time off
  • Tutors: for GED and/or other educational needs
  • Relational Mentors: 2 year commitment
  • Professional mentors: In budgeting, career, education, or hire a resident/alum
  • Babysitters: Provide support to a woman and her baby while she attends appointments
  • Transportation: Provide rides to residents as needed
  • Skills/trade volunteers: Plumbers, handyman, electrician, auto repair
  • Online: website design, social media


  • Organization: sort donations, clean/organize storage facility, kitchen cupboards, etc.
  • Events: Host a baby shower, or holiday event, or quarterly work days
  • Adopt-a-Room: Sponsor a mom throughout the program by providing a welcome basket, baby shower or baby layette, prayer, post-partum meals and/or other support
  • Meals: sign up for meal baby to bring snacks, breakfast, and/or lunch during a mother’s first 2 weeks home from the hospital or a provide dinner once a month for the house
  • Cleaning: sign up to deep clean the house, the baby gear, etc.


  • Talents and skills: Perhaps your business, colleagues and/or network of professionals has a specific skill, benefit or product they can give to Harvest Home. Financial Planning, HR, Construction, IT, house cleaning, etc.
  • Networking: Share opportunities with your networks and colleagues
  • Speakers: Utilize Harvest Home staff as speakers for events

Email us with questions about volunteering!

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