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Our Program


The Need

The LA County Health Department has reported that 8,000 women were homeless at some point during their pregnancy in 2013. And, in the city of Los Angeles, there are currently less than 65 shelter beds available for women who are pregnant and in crisis. Of these, Harvest Home provides 8. This means that each year thousands of women lack housing and supportive programming during one of the most critical times in a mother and baby’s life.

Harvest Home is seeking to address this growing gap in services by expanding its services. In 2017, program capacity will be expanded by 25% by repurposing space in its current home to add 2 new bedrooms. Phase 2 of our expansion plan includes doubling service capacity by 2020 by expanding to a second home.



Harvest Home currently serves pregnant women who are homeless or soon to become homeless.

Additional eligibility criteria include:

  • Age 18 years and older
  • No other children currently in her care
  • Proactively pursuing sobriety and managing mental health concerns


Application Process

Harvest Home receives over 500 calls each year from pregnant women in need of housing and support. Our program selection process ensures that the program and environment at Harvest Home is the best fit for applicants and their unique needs.

Applicants to the program must be motivated to engage in program and services, proactively work on a productivity plan (which includes 20 hours of work or schooling weekly), and be willing to live in a communal environment and uphold household policies.

The application process includes the following steps and may take up to 2 weeks:

  • Initial intake call
  • Phone interview
  • In-person interview

5 Core Program Areas

Our program is designed to provide classes, services, and/or linkage to resources which encompass skills, opportunities, and learnings within these five areas:

  • Care for the Child
  • Mental and Emotional Well-Being
  • Financial Independence
  • Physical Health
  • Spiritual Growth


Program Requirements

Most services are provided on-site or within a short distance from the home.

Case managementIn weekly case management sessions residents create a plan for long-term stability and work to achieved tangible goals related to the five program areas.

TherapyEach resident engages in a minimum of one hour of therapy weekly provided by our therapist.

ClassesClasses are offered on-site 5 nights a week and correspond with five program areas. Current classes include therapeutic parenting group, safe people, infant care and development, nutrition, breastfeeding support, prenatal yoga, computer skills, budgeting and financial independence, job development skills, and more.

House maintenance and chores—All residents contribute to the management of the home including daily chores and weekly cooking for the household.

Additional resourcesAdditional resources are available through partnerships with other community-based organizations.

How to Apply

If you are in need of Harvest Home’s program and services, please call (310) 452-1223, and press “5” when prompted.

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